I'm Jackie Risk, I was born into a family of four and grew up on the beautiful east coast.  I displayed an early interest in art in the form of finger painting and crayon scribbles on any surface I could find, including walls!

I graduated from High School as a part of the National Art Society, having taken as many art, desktop publishing, and computer classes as my school offered.

I graduated from the Columbus College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a major in Illustration.

My art style has evolved over the years to be predominantly vector work in illustrator, but I do enjoy working with traditional media from time to time.  My forte has been and still is digital media.

My current job has expanded my skills into video production, scripting, marketing plans and budgeting.

I enjoy reading, sewing and writing in my free time.

I currently live in southern Indiana with my husband and daughter.


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